Body Therapies

​Ginger and Coconut Salt Scrub    2.5 hours $150
Ginger is a great and natural way to treat sensitive skin, acting as an anti-inflammatory to decrease redness and help with skin disorders. It also works to energize the skin, making it tighter and more youthful. Coconut oil is a healthy oil that dissolves dirty oils from the body and face, leaving you with clean, clear and moisturized skin.
50 minute massage 
Honey Brown Sugar Scrub    2.5 hours $180
Honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, combined with sugar and vitamin E rich grapeseed oil, your skin will glow.
50 minute massage
Green Tea Scrub    2.5 hours $150
Green tea contains antioxidant properties that my help to reactivate cells, fight against skin damage, and get rid of unwanted pollutants. Combined with sugar (helps retain moisture), grapeseed oil (vitamin E), and honey (antibacterial and antimicrobial) this exfoliant is sure to leave your skin feeling super smooth.
50 minute massage
Mommy Refresher    2 hours $125
Receive our signature full body massage by a Prenatal certified massage therapist. You must be out of your first trimester (at least 13 weeks). 
50 minute massage/50 minute facial
Today's Gentleman 2 hours $170
This customized massage experience provides the relaxation and rejuvenation you need to alleviate daily stress and tension. Combined with our invigorating hot towel facial, you will leave feeling completely revitalized.
90 minute hot stone massage/30 minute invigorating facial

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